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Explore the FAQs on our methods and features.

Trading and Earn

How can I start investing?

You can create a trading plan in just three easy steps. Once created, your assets become active in the market immediately with our optimized systems and active protocols.

1. Click on the Invest link and choose your desired trading Package

2. Fund your account with the amount you wish to invest.

3. Return to the invest view and create your investment.

How long does it take activate a trade?

Once you successfully lock your funds for a trading package, it takes a maximum of 30 minutes (usually less) to make them active in the market.

Why am I charged trading fees?

Trondex makes profits by charging trading fees. A trading fee of 15% is charged from earned profits in the market while 85% of the earned profits are credited to user's wallet where it's available for withdrawal.

Can I monitor my portfolio in real time?

With our upgraded systems, all portfolios are updated in real time. earned profits are transferred to users wallets automatically in real time. You can monitor and manage your trades anytime and anywhere.

How to manage my Investments

We use some advanced systems to monitor and manage the investment of our clients. Depending on your Investment plan, you should expect 20.00% to 38.00% Rate of return (RoR) on the amount invested. You can Easily manage your investment; You can upgrade or top up an existing trade to boost your returns. You can also redeem your investments once the duration is completed for full profit; All these are done using our easy and flexible tools.

What are trading loans?

Trondex trading loans is simple to get along with. Users can invest in any trading plan by providing just 50 percent of the required amount. Trondex grants users 50 percent loan capital to continue with the trade.

Once you've created an account, Login to your dashboard, navigate to account verification and follow the instructions to verify your account.

While creating an investment, just check the apply loan button to activate 50% loan capital; Then only 50% of the investment amount will be charged from your spot wallet.

Loan charges are deducted after the trade duration is completed.

Deposit & Withdrawal

How do I fund my trading account?

To fund your Trondex account, follow these easy steps

1.Login to your account, click on deposit. Select your preferred currency and deposit method

2. Enter the amount you wish to add to your account and click continue

3. Transfer the amount from your digital wallet to the address provided. Proceed to provide the proof for successful transaction. Once reviewed and approved, your account will be credited instantly.

Why is my deposit declined?

Ensure that you have successfully transferred the amount to the provided crypto address associated with your account.

If you have completed the transactions correctly your account should be credited accordingly. Contact our support team for more help.

How long does it take to process withdrawals?

Once you have requested for withdrawal, it should take few minutes to 24 hrs for all funds to be transferred.



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